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-pressure system stretches from eastern canada through the ohio valley. this will consolidate into one area of high pressure. that means dry and cool weather here and in pittsburgh. the ravens will not have any whether problems on sunday. south and east, some developments off of the carolina coast. some developments into virginia. right now, the wet weather stays to the south and east into early next week. sunshine tomorrow. a beautiful november day. a little on the cool side. not much of a breeze on the bay. the waves only about 1 foot. if you are rolling into the mountains over the weekend, sunny skies. 40's for the highs. 20's for the lows. classic fall weather in the mountains. the eastern shore, sunny skies to mark. clouds moved in on sunday. that will keep temperatures in the low 50's. at the coast, more clouds. maybe eight sprinkle sunday into monday. the development will get stronger and closer. football in pittsburgh on sunday evening, clear and chilly. when you watch on tv, sometimes you hope for a wintry mix. it will be calm as far as the weather goes on sunday evening. 53 and sunny tomo
done with the impact just yet. the storm system is way up in eastern canada. in baltimore, the end result was a cooler than normal day. that 12 degrees below the average. we'll show you the average high -- 62. 29 is the record low. temperatures in the '30's in the mountains. 50s to the south and east. tonight, we will bottom out in the suburbs. the low pressure system that was once sandy is up near james bay now. but the broad circulation is impacting everyone from maine to maryland and addis flowing around the storm, but dragging down the area. that will continue to keep our temperatures below normal. in and out of the crowd -- in and out of the cloud that more sunshine on saturday. on saturday, temperatures running below normal. a weather disturbance passes to the south and that will continue into monday before another storm tries to form around the coast. 51 to 56 tomorrow with variable clouds and isolated showers. sunrise at 7:36. the wind could gust up to 25 knots on the open waters of the day. a small craft advisory on the day tomorrow. dealing with the blizzard aspect, it al
. it's spinning away over eastern canada now. it's such a huge storm. it's affecting us. spokes of energy rotating along the bottom side, triggering few sprinkles north and west of the metro area. we'll have perhaps a few sprinkles around. the areas in dark blue in the low 40s, and the light blue areas generally in the low 40s. small chance of a few scattered sprinkles. by this afternoon, a little sun should break out. highs into the mid 50s and the winds gusting around 20 miles an hour. i'll be back with a look at friday. how's traffic? >> fire activity shutting down florida avenue both directions, between third street and sixth street. let's head over to 395 southbound. just discovered an accident there. as you make your way past washington boulevard, you'll see the right lane and your left lane blocked by the accident. however, traveling on 50 in maryland, outside the beltway, inside the beltway, a live look. you're nice and clear as you head eastbound and westbound. not seeing if i issues for you. >>> still to come, unbelievable view. the damage sandy is leaving behind still
eastern canada. we'll have that storm system continuing to draw in the cold air from canada all the way down into the midwest. all of the areas in blue from michigan, inn, ohio, pennsylvania, west virginia, virginia, maryland, are in the 30s this morning. this is way colder than average for this time of the year. the areas in light blue on the eastern shore, near 40 degrees, near the bay and along the pa tom accident. in the 30s, so you need a winter coat as you head out this morning. winds are light now, but begin to increase as we get into the afternoon. right now, 43 at reagan national. elsewhere. in the 30s. storm team 4, four-day forecast, afternoon highs today, reaching the mid 50s. by mid afternoon, and we'll have a few clouds coming and going. again, winds, they will be blustery from 20 to 25 miles an hour. average high, 63. and you can see, nowhere near the average high through the weekend and look at morning lows. feels more like december than november. near freezing tomorrow morning. afternoon highs on saturday. low 50s and that wind still a bit blustery tomorrow. clocks go b
across the east. especially eastern canada, freezing rain will bring very dangerous driving conditions, and west virginia still has winter weather advisories. a total accumulation of about 15 centimeters on top what was we already see could be found. also very wintry here in the canadian rockies. northern california, really heavy rain to target your area. wintry in the nor but summer-like in some of these regions in the south. that's going to turn november 30s into your weekend. here's your extended forecast. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us. are you totally unprepared? just about all of us have something hangen on our walls, pictures, paintings, art work clocks, all can come crashing down and create broken glass. inexpensive picture hook can secure pictures to the wall and help keep you and your family safe. for more information on earthquake preparedness,
some heavy rain, snow across eastern canada and as i mentioned, parts of newington through the coming days. when it clears the way we will see a ridge of high pressure and warm conditions as well for the east coast. temperatures in new york stock in single figures. toward the teens going through the weekend. at the same time, an area of low pressure through the northern plains that will bring some snow there and cold weather for the west of the u.s.. but at least for the areas hit by hurricane sandy and looks much quiet -- quieter. >> an early start the winter is coming. >> absolutely, yes. >> thank you very much, indeed, for bringing us up to date on that. the piano played by mozart almost every day in the decade before he died has temporarily return to his former home for the first time in 200 years. ♪ still gives a good tune. the russian pianist had the honor of playing the instrument in front of a small audience in the house in downtown vienna. the piano was bought by mozart after moving to be an act in 1781 and was used by him for concerts' as well as for practice. a reminder o
high. up there just to the east of eastern canada. along with that comes the cool air and an occasional scattered showers. with a counterclockwise circulation, it is being pulled down into the mid-atlantic. only 38 degrees in pittsburgh. 48 at the airport. 51 downtown. ocean city is in the 40's. weather disturbances coming in will trigger an occasional shower. a few more snow showers in the mountains of to our last. iran baltimore, 37 -- around baltimore, 37. the swirl of clouds that is sandy, still in place for tomorrow, that drags another front through the area. that means our temperatures stay below normal going into the upcoming weekend. a sprinkle or a shower in the morning, a little break in the cloud cover in the afternoon. a little more sunshine expected saturday, the best day of the weekend. our next real chance for any major precipitation hold off until the middle of next week. for tomorrow, a 51-56 degrees. a small craft advisory remains on the bay tomorrow. in the western maryland mountains, this note is winding down. a few more snow showers tonight. maybe a flurry tomorrow.
had the storm, formerly known as sandsy, drifting north through eastern canada, still producing a few sprinkles in western pennsylvania and maybe up in the highland out in garrett county, a few snowflakes falling. a mostly clear sky over washington. the moon and jupiter together now, all of the areas in dark blue in the 30s. you see that covers a lot of virginia, a lot of maryland and into the mountains, right now, reagan national, a chilly 42. thankfully, a light breeze now. winds picking up as the day progresses hour by hours, winds increasing to around 20 to 25 miles an hour, later into the afternoon. partly cloudy, high of 55 to mid afternoon. overnight tonight, going into this friday, mostly clear, breeze will settle down it will be chilly. cold by midnight. down to around 40. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. a look at your friday morning commute with daniela. >> good morning. thank you, tom. traveling on the road, seeing road work, but should be in final stages. this particular work zone here. you will see the right lane blocked by construction, but should be over about 5:00 a.
's weakened a lot. center of circulation we have over eastern canada, but that's over 500 miles from us and we are still seeing the circulation. you can see the great circulation spin in the atmosphere, like a giant merry-go-round over the entire northeastern part of the north american continent, and here, we are feeling the effects still in the form of a few passing sprinkles north and west of washington, as well as cold air coming down from canada. all these areas in dark blue are in the 30s. as well as throughout much of the midwest. this huge chilly air mass is going to be moving our way. parts of southern maryland have dipped down into the 30s, and storm team 4 hour by hour today, 7:00, 8:00 this morning, still a possibility of a sprinkle or two. still cloudy and into the low 50s. you'll need a winter coat this morning with those winds still a bit blustery. gusting the around 20 miles an hour during the afternoon. by then maybe a little sun breaking out into the mid 50s by mid afternoon. i'll return in ten minutes. danella here now with a look at your traffic. good morning. >> good mornin
. but still getting a bit of the northwest flow. sandy sitting way up over eastern canada now. but still circulation around that bringing in some moisture, a few sprinkles showing up right now on storm team 4 satellite radar where you see those areas in green. a few sprinkles, northern shenandoah valley, frederick, washington county. these are rotating off to the east. a lot of clouds are on the metro area now. we'll have a lot of clouds in and out this morning and a chill in the air, low to mid 40s, most of the region from the atlantic beaches all the way into the shenandoah valley. still, there are some spots in western maryland where it's near freezing this morning. by 7:00 a.m., still a possibility of a few showers. by noontime, still clouds and a bit of a blustery wind. will get a little cloudy break there from time to time during the afternoon with a little sun peeking through. highs reaching mid 50s mid afternoon. sunsets at 6:07. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. danella is here with a look at traffic. in damascus, an overnight accident closes 27 ridge road. let's head
accumulations are also one of the issues across the east. especially eastern canada, freezing rain will bring very dangerous driving conditions, and west virginia still has winter weather advisories. a total accumulation of about 15 centimeters on top what was we already see could be found. also very wintry here in the canadian rockies. northern california, really heavy rain to target your area. wintry in the north but summer-like in some of these regions in the south. that's going to turn november 30s into your weekend. here's your extended forecast. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us. play funky space-rock] ♪ ♪ (jane joyce) mountains are "water towers" of the world. at least half of the fresh water we consume comes from mountain ice and snow that melts into rivers and streams. but as earth's climate warms, changes occur in mountain ecosystems that alter both the amount and timing of available fresh water. research conducted at glacier national park documents the changes taking place across this vast mountain landscape.
getting bands of heavy snow, that stretches all the way up into maine and eastern canada. this storm system is looking like a hurricane spinning away here. here's nantucket. it's just south of nantucket in martha's vineyard. there's cape cod. it does look like it may be trying to track off to the north and northwest, which is going to keep new england in wind and rain and snow here throughout much of the rest of the day today. for us, thankfully, all we had late last night, early this morning had been some flurries and sprinkles, a little bit of sleet. just getting a few sprinkles southeast of washington, off to the west, western fairfax and loudoun county. we stayed above freezing and we will through the rest of the morning. we're in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees. rest of the day today, might have an isolated sprinkle or a flurry that otherwise will be drying and a bit of blustery wind. a little sun back this afternoon, into the low 50s. i'll be back in ten minutes. danella with a look at first 4 traffic. >> roads in prince george's county not seeing any problems right now. let
front we see on the map is way off the coast in central florida, and the high pressure in eastern canada, also settling in into the rocky mountains west. no major storms in the area right now. we will see of this develops into an area of low pressure, and current indications, it would stay farther to the south and east to keep most of the weather out. we will see a little bit of cloud cover, and that is about it. this weather pattern should take us at least into the start of the weekend. the finish of the weekend is still a question. a high of only 47 to 52, again, significantly cooler than normal. light northwest winds at 5 m.p.h.. the bay water temperatures are holding in the 50's. western maryland, some cold stuff tonight, only 40 tomorrow, 43 on friday. eastern shore locations, we will stay below normal. a few clouds in the area. a little more cloud cover and even a slight risk of a passing shower around ocean city. generally, cool weather. if you are making the plans ahead, western pennsylvania, right now, for the kickoff of the ravens-steelers game, temperatures in the low 40's. yo
and will continue to spin toward eastern canada over night. still some nasty weather in new england but most people have cleared out from the storm. since the ninth, only a trace of precipitation. yesterday's a few hundredths of an inch. not a lot of the storm this far west. the temperatures have been below normal thanks to sandy and the storm is still drawing down cold air. every day the first eight days have been colder than normal, including today. tomorrow, temperatures getting back to normal and then above the normal into the weekend. 40's and 50's in eastern maryland and cold in the mountains. eric is a very dry. in summer, it is a muggy day, they are up around 75. the lower the dew point, the dreier the air. that is arctic air. it will cool off tonight with diminishing wind. it lets the heat of the day escape. we couldn't see temperatures near to 40 in the inner harbor. the key will be the wind. that mixes the atmosphere. if we die down to 5 miles an hour, temperatures could tank. there is the storm off the coast, circulation and draws the cold air down. there is some mild air in the plains.
in the northern mains and another one -- plains and another one in the gulf of alaska. this up here in eastern canada? that's what's left of sandy and as this big, big storm still bringing them the cool air for us. and keeping things unsettled around the great lakes and here through the central appalachians. where some of the snow totals were incredible. in fact they opened the ski area down in north carolina from that and outside of gatlinburg about five miles away southeast they had 34- inches of snow in the mountains of tennessee. we'll watch the futurecast i don't know if you saw how quickly that disturbance got out of here. we should finish the day with more sunshine and start the day with mostly cloudy skies. generally clear tonight and saturday looks like we'll have a good deal of sunshine. so i think for the weekend, sky conditions will be fine. it's just temperatures a little bit on the cool side. 54 today. tonight we're back in the 30s to near 40. if you're going to be at the mall with topper for the autism speaks -- walk rather that is, temperatures could be in the low 40s for that
nor' easter moving up and towards new england and eastern canada gone. good riddens, right? the west it's your turn to get active weather and it will be quite a winter storm. we have winter weather advisories posted for many states including blizzard warnings for montana. some of the energy will push into the central u.s. this weekend. we could see hail, winds even tornadoes if you live anywhere from northern texas to oklahoma all of the way up to minnesota for tomorrow. the threat extends into sunday for parts of oklahoma. the threat for tornadoes. the quick look at the travel forecast quiet across boston, new york and memphis. no problems if you are picking someone up. further across the u.s. taking a look at other hubs for you. philadelphia, atlantis, chicago looking good. portland could have moderate delays because of the storm system across the west. the good take away message the northeast gets a little bit of quiet weather. >> hopefully you get a little electricity this weekend. >> i know. >> thanks ladies. have a good weekend. >> you, too. >> the khost of dancing with the sta
are still being affected by sandy. the host of tropical low spinning over quebec in eastern canada is giving a northwesterly wind. it's brought in dry air. it's cleared out the sky a little bit. the areas in blue in the 40s. around washington and the areas in green, it's beginning to climb into the low 50s. we'll have 50s for a couple hours mid afternoon and then the winds will decrease a bit tonight. then tomorrow morning, down near freezing. afternoon highs in the low 50s saturday. going to be blustery tomorrow. sunday, bright and sunny. mid-50s for the skins game at fedex field. back to work and school on monday. freezing in the morning. afternoons low 50 z. good voting weather on election day. wednesday, it's a day that we might get a coastal storm. stay tuned. we are on it. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you. >> all right, tom. >>> mr. ed is so last century, you want to hear a talking animal, let me introduce you to this one. this elephant at a zoo appears to be mimicking human speech. he can say five korean words. hello, sit-down, lie down, no and good. it doesn't mean he understands
northwest wind, still being affected by sandy which is spinning away up over eastern canada, bringing down cold air from canada, and also a few clouds that have been coming in and producing sprinkles, patches of green, panel of west virginia to allegheny and those look like parts of garrett county, getting a few sprinkles there, may make their way into frederick and washington counties, perhaps in another hour or so, and perhaps into louden county as well. and you should stay dry. mostly cloudy period here for the next couple of hours, and right now, under those clouds, look at culpepper. 30 degrees there. manassas, down to 34. leesburg, 37. in the upper 30s. montgomery, articlington, fairfax county. winds increasing too. 8:00 a.m., 40. sunshine breaking out this morning and during the afternoon as we reach the mid 50s. winds gusting to 25 miles an hour this afternoon. i'll be back with a look at your friday evening planner and a look at first four traffic this friday morning with danella. >> thanks, tom. happy friday. traveling on i-66, here is what's happening. eastbound 66, westbound, n
of sandy. still spinning up here in eastern canada. it's bringing in some cold air bringing et down but the snow showers in the great lakes. and for us it's bringing a little disturbance on that northwesterly flow that's going to give us the cloudiness here for a little while. into the morning hours. but i do anticipate more sun this afternoon. here's the futurecast. clouds and a few sprinkles east of the mountains that wouldn't be crazy. but into the afternoon and for sunshine and clear tonight and we're going to dip into the 30s. stay in the 30s. some upper 20s in spots and tomorrow looks like a sunny but brisk day with highs again 50 to 55. and about the same on sunday, in fact it does look like we're going to be in pretty good shape here as we go right through the weekend. you going out to the autism walk tomorrow morning, bundle up. i know there's a -- pink farm's got a run there in rockville sunday morning and could be in the 30s to around 40 for that when they kickoff with afternoon highs 50 to 55 both days. good football weather this weekend and tonight, 54 today. breezy. go
in garrett county. i know they're not looking forward to that. sandy's remnant low is up over eastern canada. we think one more day of this pattern will chase the clouds out of here. temperature now is 50 degrees, 48 baltimore and 45 for gaithersburg, 46 for dulles and martinsburg. winchester comes in at 43 and culpeper and manassas 33 degrees. where you've had clearing, it's cooler. futurecast shows that dry spot out to our west, but it does fill in for the morning. there could be sprinkles here and there and yes, another inch, maybe two for the mountain communities out along 68 for garrett county and down in west virginia for the high spots. for most of friday afternoon clouds to begin, maybe some brightening of the skies for the afternoon. i think we can get some sunshine in more of a widespread fashion for saturday and just a few clouds passing by to our south sunday. the weekend should be sunnier, still on the cool side with temperatures in the 50s. tonight 42 degrees, spotty sprinkles, tomorrow a lot of clouds, 54 degrees, definitely on the cool side. your planner, you probably don't n
much the eastern half of the united states and the eastern half of canada and much of the western atlantic and that huge cyclone even though it's long gone up to the northeast of hudson bay moving into north atlantic, the ripples in the atmosphere remain and that's the reason it has been cold and windy around here all week long. do you know on tuesday it was 73 degrees in montreal. that's how crazy the weather has gotten. as the warm air from sandy was forced way up into the eastern half of canada, the cold air up across northern and western canada was dislodged and that cold air has been riding that northwesterly wind right straight into the mid-atlantic for the better part of a week now. ever since then it pulled away. we've been stuck with the clouds and the cold and the rain, all of it. this is a very slow pattern to break down. it's been almost a week already. we're still dealing with the northwesterly wind this morning. temperatures in the mid 40s. it's going to be a chilly day today. and just like the last few we'll be lucky to spend any more than about three or four hours
what's left of sandy, which is in eastern canada right now way up north. and it's slowly but surely pulling, pulling, pulling away. now, our weather looks quiet this weekend and early next week, but a couple of storms will be developing down in the south. we're in a pattern that's gonna get these storms out over the atlantic to be something questionable. we'll be talking about the prospects of stormy weather sometime next week coming up in just a few minutes with our insta weather plus forecast. >>> our big story this morning comes out of baltimore city where police are investigating the sexual assault of a female jogger. >> her attacker held her at knife point. here's the latest on the investigation. >> the fells point promenade offers excellent views of baltimore's water front, so it's no surprise it's become a popular spot to go jogging but sharon clark said she's encountered some scary spots along the way. >> it was very dark. i did feel a bit unsafe over there. i just kind of did it very quickly and came back into the more lit areas. >> in the early morning darkness of friday,
that extend from the gulf of mexico through canada, through the eastern lakes, the ohio and tennessee valleys. behind that front, behind this line of showers, everything changes unfortunately to a much colder are jeep unless you like -- cold era jeep. un-- colder regime unlike you like that. it's not out of the question we get minor accumulations but we'll be watching this move east. here's the futurecast for the afternoon. here we are at 5:00 p.m. no problems. then we get into the evening hours. the showers by midnight. still generally west of d.c., through the shenandoah valley, parts of western and northern maryland. there's a little sliver of snow on the back side which may drop a dusting in the higher elevations. tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m., rain around the region. it is clearing west of i-81. the commute in the metro could certainly be impacted. we'll get rid of the rain by the afternoon. much cooler air moves in. so today 68. maybe 70. got a yellow alert for tomorrow because in the morning, your commute could definitely be impacted by the early rain. we'll drop into the 40s. only get ba
for eastern canada. it is off to sea. the next weather-maker is the west. we have a big ol' system brining rain and wind and snow and blizzard conditions to montana. so driving will be very difficult, if next to impossible for a lot of these areas. heavy snow, wind gusts, 40 to 50 miles an hour. all of this, or some of this energy is going to move into the central u.s. let's look at the future radar saturday into sunday. what does that mean? the possibility for severe weather unfortunately for the central u.s., the central plains. anywhere from oklahoma up towards minnesota and then tomorrow, the threat or rather the sunday the threat will be across the into oklahoma. we could see hail, damaging wind and even isolated tornados. keep an eye to the sky if you live in these areas. we'll keep you posted a quick look at highs tomorrow. because of that storm system, very cold across the west. look at some good news. it will warm up across the northeast for folks who are still without power and thankfully it is friday and we're heading into the weekend. we all could use a little bit of good news.
? >> winter comes early and stays late in canada, doesn't it? >> is some of that cold air coming here? >> absolutely right. our mild air now is being forced up the eastern seaboard by the big push of the cold air going south from canada into the middle of the country. yesterday lincoln, nebraska, 78 degrees. they were below freezing by this morning. they fell 51 degrees in 12 hours out across eastern nebraska yesterday, and we have a dramatic change in the temperatures coming right here to washington as well. it just won't be quite that dramatic. it will not be a 51-degree drop around here. wow, what a day outside today. veterans day in the nation's capital and everybody was able to go out and take 100% full advantage of it tossing footballs, hitting golf balls, watching the ducks just swim around in the pond. what a great day to be outside today. i hope you took full advantage of it because unfortunately it is not going to last all that much longer. so there it is. there's the money shot of the washington monument on a veterans day. 25 years ago today we had 11 1/2 inches of snow on
, by the way, is not going to move across the country. it's going to weaken and head up into canada. many throughout eastern half of the country will enjoy nearly perfect thanksgiving weather. all the cold air that was in place is going to move out. so, that warm air now in the rockies heading to the midwest will eventually work its way to the east coast. i mean, this is going to be one of the warmest thanksgiving in many places. today's forecast, denver to kansas city to dallas all the way to minneapolis, beautiful sunshine and temperature above average. on the east coast, still lingering clouds, a little breezy. but the weather will slowly improve even there. here's the busy wednesday travel day. notice the only green on the map which shows where the rain is primarily in the northwest. even there it's lighter. heading through thanksgiving day, the eastern seaboard will see temperature in the 60s in many cases. beautiful weather. people will be playing outdoors on thanksgiving everywhere east of the mississippi. just a few showers there. chicago to kansas city. overall, this forecast is
temperatures across the nation, you can see the cold shown by the shade of blue in the western and eastern half of the nation. a large chunk of the nation dealing with cooler temperatures. this high-pressure system is partly the reason why it is so- called right now. this air mass came from canada. you know how cold canada is. all the cold air continues to pushes -- continues to push in. stationary air off the coast producing showers near the carolinas. unfortunately that means a -- could be a quite active pattern as we headed to next week as people will be busy traveling to their destination. and this takes a dip by early next week. what that usually means, especially along the coast, it could start to form a coastal storm. this is the pattern you need to get that. that is what we have to watch. will this help form the storm along the coast but something to watch out for a long the seven- day. temperatures will be quite cold once again. upper 30's downtown but low 20s as you step outside the city with mostly clear skies. that takes us to the seven-day forecast. a few clouds tomorrow. 54 on fri
states in the northeast to more effectively protect the eastern united states and canada, particularly against iranian icbm threats, should they emerge and that is, of course, because some analysts believe that they could develop that capacity as soon as 2015. the markup coming out of the house armed services committee already contains language and authorization for the actual establishment of an east coast missile site. that is one of the reasons that i will not be offering my amendment today to conduct the study, environmental impact, and also the plan deployment because the house version already contains a requirement that an east coast missile defense site be developed. now, some would say -- in fact, one thing i would like to address is we may hear from the administration that they are working on a hedging -- a different hedging strat -- strategy to make sure that the east coast is protected and that hedging strategy would be plans to deploy the sm-3 block 2 missile in poland. but where we are today with the sm-3 block t-b shows why it's important to use technology that already ex
the power, economic power countries such as russia such as the satellite republic, eastern european economies and this could bring us tremendous benefit, not just in the united states. we also want to import oil from canada through the keystone pipeline. that gets more jobs to refineries in the gulf of mexico because it supplies of oil they get from venezuela and mexico are dwindling. so we can also be exporting oil, oil products we don't use in the united states, but that i use elsewhere in the world. >> the name of the book is "regulating to disaster." i suspect diana is willing to sign your copy. thank you rematch, diana for coming. >> thank you for listening. [applause] >> baratunde thurston is the author of "how to be black." mr. thurston, how do you be black? >> it helps so much to be born black. i think that's the most reliable way. this book doesn't convert you from non-black to black. it's not an enhanced genetic modification. as for an intellectual exercise and identity storytelling and polarity. >> what is one example of being black in your view? >> the story of the book
republic the eastern european economies under its thumb. this could bring tremendous benefits not just in the united states. we also want to import oil from canada through the keystone pipeline. that gives more jobs to our refineries in the gulf of mexico because supplies of oil they are getting from venezuela and mexico are dwindling. we could also be exporting oil, oil products we don't use in the united states but are used elsewhere in the world. >> the name of the book is "regulating to disaster". it is available in the back. i suspect diana is willing to sign your copy. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. [applause] >> is there a nonfiction author or book you would like to see featured on booktv? send us an e-mail at or tweak us at >> welcome to 48 hours of nonfiction hours and the book on booktv. for complete schedule this weekend's programming visit in the meantime here are a few programs to keep an eye out for. booktv is live from miami. for eight hours live from miami book fair international. coverage begins at 10:00 a
at the carbon emissions for the eastern block country, they were actually in some cases worse than countries like australia or canada. so let's just call it a tie. they're both really bad, so we need to look for other models and there needs to be much more decent ralization and a much deeper democracy than there are now. decent ral zaegz of what, naomi? >> if we think about renewable energy. one of the things that happened is that when you try to get wind farms set up, really big wind farps there's community resistance that happened in the united states and it's happened in britain. where it hasn't happened is germany and denmark and the reason for that is that in those places, you have movements that have demanded that the renewable energy be community controlled and not centrally planned, but community controlled so that there is a sense of ownership, not by some big, faceless state, but by the people who actually live in the community that is impacted. >> you've written that climate change has little to do with the state of the environment, but much to do with the state of capitalism and
clouds kind of a thin deck especially over the eastern shore this morning. you can kind of see a little pattern, a little arc to this. there's what's left of sandy sitting up there, moving into newfoundland or just west of there in canada. still spinning around. that's helping drag some of the cold air down. moisture across the great lakes. we also have high pressure out farther west, the jet stream kind of channelling this colder air our way. what we're watching with great interest is the development of storms in the central part of the u.s. first one developing in missouri, arkansas. should stay to our south and go out to sea. it's the second one that could be interesting. today, few scattered clouds, a little more sun. 50 to 55 the high. those winds, breezy. northwest 10 to 15, gusting to 20 miles an hour. don't forget standard time kicks in tomorrow, so set your clock back one hour. get an extra hour of sleep. don't show up early for anything, all right? be on time. here's our european model. this is the one that nailed sandy's course. first storm kind of goes out to see. second sto
november 28th, 7:00 p.m. eastern time. >>> the scandal surrounding petraeus isn't just dominating headlines here. from "the london telegraph," barack obama set to address scandal. "the australian," petraeus shock waves jeopardize more jobs. from canada's "globe and mail," "u.s. probe looks into possible security threats and "the afghan daily," investigation of warrior monk general allen surprises acquaintan acquaintances." lists all done. raise the roof! no one says that anymore, mom. [ woman ] raise the roof! ah? raise the roof! [ male announcer ] it's our biggest toy rollback of the year. find hundreds of rollbacks on the season's hottest toys in stores now, wanted to provide better employee benefits while balancing the company's bottom line, their very first word was... [ to the tune of "lullaby and good night" ] ♪ af-lac ♪ aflac [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] [ yawning sound ] tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 after that, it's on to germany. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 then tonight, i'm trading 9500 miles away in japan. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
. a warm day and then a cold day in the midwest. be prepared. and it is frigid in canada. edmonton at 5. that's the cold air heading down for areas like minneapolis tomorrow. so the forecast for thanksgiving day, couldn't ask for anything better from the southeast right up the eastern seaboard. great for the macy's parade in new york city. late day showerser, chicago, st. louis, kansas city, will not wash out your day. west coast one dry day. tomorrow, shopping, rainy and cloudy in the northwest. i mentioned temperatures, you know how crazy this is. people in line starting at midnight tonight go into the stores. temperatures will be in the 20s, windchill down towards zero in the northern plains. but i'm sure they'll line up. that will not scare them away. >> i know. people on a mission. >> have you done it before ever? >> i haven't. i want to be home with my family. so i haven't. but i watch those who do. get on you. all right. thank you very much. >>> and bill's giving us the green light. millions of americans heading home for thanksgiving but the turkey trot has gotten off on the wron
and 30s up near canada. international falls 30. great falls, montana, 25. they've got a blizzard warning for parts of montana. most of the country quiet. final across the eastern seaboard quiet. cincinnati and chicago, nice and quiet. high pressure will deliver a couple of beautiful days starting with today. warm up into the mid-50s today, and as the high pressure gets east and south of us tomorrow we'll be looking at 60s, close to 70 around here for veterans day sunday. and into the day monday. there's your accu weather seven- day, best chance of rain tuesday, and cooler temperatures behind it. let's enjoy the nice stretch we have ahead here. >> good veterans day. >> should be real nice. >>> thanks be tuck. >> let's go to julie wright now. >> good morning. couple of things happening here that you need to be warned about. let's start off to the west side of town. it's where we have accident activity on lee mill road approaching the georgetown pike. georgetown pike open for business. we have fire and rescue responding to the scene. no problems on route 7 headed east. slowest trips inbound
's the reason why it's been so darn warm on the eastern third of the country yesterday for your turkey. that's about to change. we've got cold air that's just pouring down from canada. huge change is on the way. traveling airwise through chicago, detroit, minneapolis. seattle and portland, you'll have some issues. not nearly as bad as it was. 7 to 9" for u.p. of michigan. the winds will gust 30, 35 miles an hour, slowing down some travel also. here is your line where the cold front is. not too bigative deal as far as the precip goes. temperatures were in the 60s in chicago, will be in the 0s today. windchills lower than that. one more nice day in new york. bottom drops out tomorrow. >> all right, rob. >> back to you. >> thanks so much. have a great weekend. >>> ahead on starting point, a deadly shooting in gaza as israeli forces kill a palestinian protester near the border. could this break the fragile truce there? >>> later, have you got your lottery ticket yet? the numbers keep growing and growing. power ball jackpot fever on the rise again. we'll tell you how much. you're watching "starti
in the united states and two in canada raising the storm's overall death toll to 157. a little under 5 million power customers across the eastern united states awoke to no electricity again. that's down to the nearly 8 million when the storm hit on monday though. some 36,000 people now are signed up for government help from fema, the federal emergency management agency. the homeland security secretary, janet napolitano, who's in new york city, says that's only just the beginning. but many residents of staten island which was inundated by the storm's tidal surge, say they're getting virtually no help yet. and their desperation is now turning to anger. cnn's brian todd is on the island. he's joining us live. brian, tell us what's going on. >> reporter: wolf, we're in the new dorf beach section cedar grove avenue. this place is still flooded out even after the waters receded. people just barely able to kind of wade through the water, try to get to homes and assess damage. you've got a church that's flooded out here to your left, my right. and our photo journalist can pan back over this way down m
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